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If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Mother Teresa

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Hello Star Children, young adults, adults, and parents - welcome to my home page. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all lightworkers that have agreed to come to the planet on a group project at this time to help humanity. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children are just three special types of lightworkers working hard on this project.

Star Children are children who have been sent here from all areas of the Universe to help our Earth and all living and non-living things on it. They possess psychic, spiritual, and other extra sensory abilities. These children will bring peace, topple corrupt systems, and shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come. They have come here on special assignment to assist in this rebirth into a higher dimensional Earth.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that an eye for an eye would leave everybody blind. It is no secret that our planet has reached a global crisis as we are living among systems that no longer serve the good of humanity.

If we take a close look at the world around us we can see that the world is becoming more impoverished. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and taken advantage of. It is wonderful to have the things we need in life but never forget that we all share a common home, our planet.

We continue to fill our landfills and fail to recycle, trashing our planet in the name of development. This is one of many reasons Star Children and other lightworkers have been sent here. They are the spiritual warriors who have come here to help shift our consciousness. These special children, young adults, adults, and parents will help shift our world to a place where peace and love will change the planet.

In order to understand why these souls have come to Earth, we need to understand why their special gifts are needed at this time. Our planet has reached a crisis of epoch proportions. We, as her children, have reached a point of stagnation in our growth. We have hemmed ourselves in with systems that have become impersonal and no longer function for the greater good of humanity.

More and more of the world's people are becoming impoverished in both material and spiritual terms, as a small minority accumulate more power and wealth for themselves. We continue to trash our planet in the name of development and to kill each other in senseless wars, often fought in the name of religion and freedom.

It is into this situation that the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children as well as other lighworkers have been sent. By shifting our consciousness, they are here to make us aware of what we are doing to ourselves and how we need to change our community life in order to create more nourishing, peaceful, and loving situations that will foster our continued spiritual growth as humans.

It is more important now than ever to help nurture these special children. They are more important then you could possibly imagine.

If you have found my website, then you are most probably one of the lightworkers. I hope that my channeled words help you to better understand who you are, why you are here, and how important it is that you know our Earth needs you.

In Love and Light,

Nikki Pattillo

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